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We believe in independent financial advice

Most investors benefit from the advice of independent financial advisers in setting and achieving investment objectives. For this reason, we value the relationships that we have built with many independent financial advisers.

We are committed to nurturing and developing our relationships with independent financial advisers

We aim to give independent advisers the support they need to maintain their independence and grow their businesses.

If you’d like to do business with us, please download the relevant application form for a Financial Services Provider contract:

  • If you are not a South African registered FSP use this form.

Criteria to register with us:

  • Your Financial Services Provider (FSP) must be licensed with the Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority (Namfisa).
  • You must be registered as either a Key Individual or Representative of the FSP.
  • For further information on licencing, please visit

To help you meet the challenges of managing an advisory practice in a constantly evolving environment, we have established specialised support structures and services. These include online tools, objectively researched third-party service providers, and a bespoke Practice Development Initiative.

Online tools

Once you have received your Allan Gray adviser code, you will be able to monitor and manage your clients’ investments and access our range of adviser support tools, via your secure account.

Financial Planning Plan and analyse various investment scenarios for your clients.
Fund Research Do in-depth fund analysis; compare funds and view performance, fund distributions and allocations, across domestic and offshore funds registered with the FSCA.
Investment Overview Create an easy-to-read, customised pre-investment report for your client. The report includes a summary of your client’s investment, detailed information on their selected unit trusts and product.
Investment Review Use the Investment Review to generate a summary of your client’s investment information and performance figures to assist you when discussing their investments with them.
Form generator Generate prepopulated forms.
Instructions If your client mandate allows, you will be able to submit transactions for your clients.
Submit instructions on behalf of your clients with digital authorisation.
View and track the status of business submitted.
Investment Reports View your assets under management.
Generate detailed client statements and client tax certificates.
Track your clients’ investment performance.
Management Reports Group your clients according to client and account types and manage each group according to its specific needs. Generate adviser fee statements.
Adviser Services Access specifically selected service providers through Allan Gray Adviser Services.


Bulk transfers

If you wish to transfer more than 20 clients to Allan Gray, our ‘bulk transfer’ service offers a convenient and uncomplicated way in which to do this. We will assist you with every aspect of the bulk transfer, making the entire process from start to finish more manageable.

Allan Gray adviser services

Adviser Services provides a meticulously researched and objective list of independent third-party service providers such as practice management, financial planning software, fund research and legal support.

The primary objective of Allan Gray Adviser Services is to help you create a professional and sustainable business, which delivers a more valuable service to your clients. By making efficient use of the various services in this offering you will be able to spend more quality time with your clients, unlock the true value of your practice and ensure its long-term sustainability.

Find out more about the services provided

For more information on the Namibian Balanced Fund fees, please contact James at  

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