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Offshore toolkit part 4: Beneficiary payments to foreign bank accounts after death

By Alix Moreillon on 20 Oct 2023

Reading time: 8 mins

As mentioned in Part 3 of our Offshore toolkit series, the Currency and Exchanges Manual for Authorised Dealers (“the Manual”) governs payments from South...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Offshore toolkit part 3: The lowdown on living annuity income payments to foreign bank accounts

By Alix Moreillon on 20 Oct 2023

Reading time: 7 mins

The rules around the payment of proceeds from South African long-term insurance policies to foreign bank accounts can be confusing. Alix Moreillon, legal...

Insights categories - Local investing

Q&A: Allan Gray and Orbis investment update

By Saleem Sonday on 01 Dec 2022

Viewing time: 21 Mins

After an eventful year, many investors are feeling uncertain about how to position their portfolios to fare well in 2023. At the recent Allan Gray and Orbis...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Who’s right – personal finance experts or economists?

By Earl Van Zyl on 16 Nov 2022

Reading time: 6 mins

When it comes to managing your wealth, there’s a yawning gap between what personal finance pundits advocate and what economists believe. Who should you liste...

Insights categories - Personal investing

How SARS has changed tax for annuitants

By Carrie Norden on 26 Apr 2022

Reading time: 11 mins

The South African Revenue Service recently changed the way tax is calculated for living annuitants. Carrie Norden discusses the rationale behind this change...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Should I invest 45% of my portfolio offshore?

By Earl Van Zyl on 26 Apr 2022

Reading time: 11 mins

In the February 2022 Budget speech, the National Treasury announced significant changes to the framework that governs how much of South African retirement...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Should rules of thumb be used to plan for retirement?

By Thandi Skade on 26 Apr 2022

Reading time: 9 mins

There are several rules of thumb that are referred to in investing. Many of them have become widely accepted standards for determining how much to save for...

Insights categories - Retirement

Key questions to help you prepare for your retirement

By Daniel van Andel on 26 Mar 2021

Viewing time: 41 mins

Although we all have different circumstances, our objectives in retirement are often similar. We want the income we receive to be sustainable for life and to...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Don't let your hard-earned savings go unclaimed

By Tim Molloy on 29 Jul 2019

Reading time: 7 mins

According to reports, more than R17bn lies potentially unclaimed in unit trusts and policies. Tim Molloy explains how you can ensure this doesn’t happen to...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Is there any tax benefit in saving over the annual tax deductible amount towards retirement?

By Carrie Norden on 05 Feb 2019

Reading time: 9 mins

One of the key benefits of investing for retirement using a retirement fund is the generous tax deduction for contributions, subject to a maximum of 27.5% of...

Insights categories - Retirement

How to make your retirement savings last: Common myths debunked

By Shaun Duddy on 01 Jun 2018

Reading time: 4 mins

There are many risks that need to be overcome to ensure that retirement savings last, says Shaun Duddy, including longevity, inflation and investment risk. I...


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