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Building multi-asset portfolios in an uncertain world

By Nshalati Hlungwane on 26 Jun 2024

Listening time: 54 mins

Periods of heightened uncertainty are inevitable when you are investing over the long term. And when it is not clear when or how things might change,...

Insights categories - Markets and economy

What’s in store for interest rates in 2024?

By Thalia Petousis on 08 Feb 2024

Reading time: 6 mins

Over the course of 2023, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) raised the overnight repo rate from 7.00% to a 14-year high of 8.25%. 

Insights categories - Markets and economy

Eskom: Are brighter days ahead?

By Raine Adams on 01 Feb 2024

Reading time: 16 mins

What does 2024 have in store for loadshedding? Raine Adams investigates whether there is any light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Insights categories - Offshore investing

Holding steady when global markets are in flux

By Radhesen Naidoo on 13 Dec 2023

Listening time: 51 mins

In the latest episode of The Allan Gray Podcast, Radhesen Naidoo, Allan Gray’s joint head of Institutional Clients and the client-servicing lead for Orbis in...

Insights categories - Markets and economy

Shedding dark on the issue of South Africa’s economic growth

By Thalia Petousis on 04 May 2023

Reading time: 12 mins

South African companies are reallocating billions of rands towards the extraordinary costs associated with loadshedding. Government’s prospects for debt...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

Regime change and the rise of the stockpicker

By Alec Cutler on 11 Apr 2023

Viewing time: 4 mins

Alec Cutler chats to Bloomberg’s Merryn Somerset Webb about the impact of central bank and government intervention, the future of inflation and why being a...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

Signs of sea change

By Adam R. Karr on 30 Mar 2023

Viewing time: 1 min

Speaking at the recent Allan Gray Fund Provider event, Adam R. Karr, president and head of the Investment teams at our offshore partner, Orbis, explains why...

Insights categories - Investment insights

Four contrarian investment questions to ask in 2023

By Jacques Plaut on 22 Feb 2023

Reading time: 6 mins

Jacques Plaut, portfolio manager, shares the four questions investors should consider this year and discusses how the Allan Gray Balanced Fund is positioned ...

Insights categories - Markets and economy

Massive market moves: How will they shape the years ahead?

By Tamryn Lamb on 09 Feb 2023

Listening time: 54 Mins

In the latest episode of The Allan Gray Podcast, chief investment officer, Duncan Artus, joins Tamryn Lamb, head of Retail, to unpack why the year was a...

Insights categories - Local investing

Was 2022 a secular turning point and if so, what does it mean for the years ahead?

By Duncan Artus on 26 Jan 2023

Viewing time: 12 Mins

In his first investment update of 2023, Duncan Artus discusses the current investment context and how it differs from the past, shares a review of 2022 and...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

The great misallocation

By John Christy on 13 Jan 2023

Reading time: 4 mins

The days of the ‘Everything bubble’ are long gone, but where are we in the latest boom-bust cycle? While they all follow a similar pattern, the current cycle...

Insights categories - Local investing

Investment update: How to invest in a changing world

By Duncan Artus on 01 Dec 2022

Viewing time: 27 Mins

At Allan Gray we are bottom-up investors, but we want to be on the right side of long-term trends, particularly at secular turning points. During the recent...

Insights categories - Markets and economy

The price of money, the shortage of energy, and the monster of inflation

By Thalia Petousis on 27 Oct 2022

Reading time: 10 mins

Thalia Petousis discusses its impact on financial markets, global trade financing and the energy sector, as well as how central banks are now waging a war...

Insights categories - Local investing

How to invest in an inflationary, energy-short and increasingly divided world

By Duncan Artus on 06 Oct 2022

Reading time: 6 mins

At Allan Gray, we are bottom-up investors, but we want to be on the right side of long-term trends, particularly at secular turning points. One way is to...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

Podcast: Do old investment truths still hold in the current global environment?

By Rory Kutisker-Jacobson on 30 Sep 2022

Listening time: 42 mins

In the latest episode of The Allan Gray Podcast, hosted by Allan Gray portfolio manager Rory Kutisker-Jacobson, Dan Brocklebank, head of Orbis UK, reflects o...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

Orbis Global Equity: The duration dislocation

By Graeme Forster on 28 Jul 2022

Reading time: 11 mins

In investing, risk and opportunity are two sides of the same coin. Graeme Forster from our offshore partner, Orbis, unpacks current distortions in the market...

Insights categories - Markets and economy

Podcast: Can optimism rise from the inflationary ashes?

By Thalia Petousis on 25 Jul 2022

Listening time: 43 min

In conversation with portfolio manager, Thalia Petousis, Sandy McGregor reflects on the very real geopolitical and economic challenges currently affecting th...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

Orbis investment update: Risks in the real world

By Alec Cutler and Rob Perrone on 03 Jun 2022

Viewing time: 27 min

Alec Cutler and Rob Perrone, from our offshore partner, Orbis, discuss the real risks the world is facing and the attractive investment opportunities Orbis h...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

Orbis Global Balanced: Russia-Ukraine conflict accelerates market shifts

By Alec Cutler on 26 Apr 2022

Reading time: 13 mins

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a painful reminder that there is more to life than markets, and our concern goes out to the people suffering. As investors, o...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

Orbis Funds: Reflecting on 2014 and looking ahead

By Graeme Forster on 31 Dec 2014

Reading time: 11 mins

This piece was originally published in the Orbis December 2014 Annual Manager's Report. In 2014, Orbis identified several new opportunities, including select...


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